Wings of Faith


Give Me This Robin Hood

   By Dabby Okorocha



Recently, I had a chat with Sarah Jibril, Nigeria's first female presidential candidate and special adviser to former President Goodluck Jonathan on Ethics and Values. She said to me, ĎDabby, I actually think the Ibos are the Jews of Nigeria, they have a divine heritage.í

Iíd like to come out here and tell you that her statement made me happy because I am Ibo. Iíd like to tell you that when in that conversation, she concluded by saying that an Ibo man will emerge as Nigeriaís president in 2019, that God has arisen to right the wrongs done to the people of South East, my heart leaped with joy. Iíd like to tell you all that, but it would be a big fat blinking lie.

I donít buy into all that balderdash. I believed in the Ibo race of my fatherís time. A breed that stood up for their values and principles. I believed in that race that refused to sell their birthright, not these political gigolos being tossed up and down by money and hubris. Tell me how these yeomen who cannot stand on one foot for sixty seconds can produce Nigeriaís president in just four months? They should first of all go and learn at the feet of Bola Tinubu. As much as I don't believe in some of his methods, he is one of the most consistent politicians in Nigeria.

What am I saying? Real success takes time, it comes with consistency, it comes with diligence, it comes with determination and hard work. That's why even bad people succeed when they apply these principles. Even a bad man can get two when he adds one plus one. Our people from the South East and South South are jokers, I'm sorry to generalize. I don't subscribe to any political party, but I think what is happening is worrisome.

Do I have no problem with the Ibos belonging to APC or PDP? The issue is that, if you are in PDP, be in PDP. Stay there and fight.It is Buhari ís consistency of character that has taken him to the pinnacle of Nigeriaís leadership. I may not be a fan of his leadership style, but I love the fact that you can count on him to say no to anything that debases his values.

Now tell me who to vote for in 2019. Who should Nigerians go for? I prayed for Buhari to win in 2015. I want to say that he has not justified the answer to that prayer. The sad faces of Nigerians tell the story. He is making more promises to make sure we vote for him again.

A friend of mine is arguing that Atiku Abubakar is corrupt. Is he? The other day when I saw a young boy eating bread from a refuse dump, my mind went to some of the arguments against Atiku.

Has he been convicted for corruption by any court of law? After watching the way Buhari is fighting corruption, I want to say that I donít even care what they say about this man with a legendary heart of gold. So, Atiku Abubakar took money from the government, and he is helping the needy, his leadership style works.

Without him, some of the political leaders we have today would have been languishing in the backyard of nowhere. Iíve been told that Atiku is detribalized, and has listening ears. Please, give me this Robin Hood! After all, the largest poverty-fighting organization in New York City is called Robin Hood.

  Wings of Faith is dedicated to the memory of my late parents, Sir Samuel and Lady Comfort Okorocha who taught me that with determination, hard work and implicit faith in God, nothing is impossible.


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