To Be Happy Again

(Culled from The Song of The Peacekeeper, a collection of poems by Lawan Tanko Jimeta)

Here I sit, contemplating her sweetness,
Reflecting her once radiant beauty,
Her exhilarating contours,
Mesmerising fields so captivating.
I remember the flat savannah,
The undulating land of the Plateau,
Halting in the forest of the ‘kurmi.’
Flowers of Aba conquered!
Oh! The beauty of my queen!!
I remember.
Now she carries on haltingly:
Her tired knees carry on undeterred,
Not minding the plundering,
unmindful of the continuous rape.
Ah! This pain beclouding her beauty, clear!
This aching pain must stop!
The flood of the crimson fluid must cease,
For my queen to be happy again.





(C) Planet Leadership World Resources, 2018