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Contemplating Love

Oh love, Sweet Love,
Love, Majestic Love,
Your aura still fills my heart.
Could it be the distance?
For I never quite understand,
The trance, the convulsions, all amiss.
Your image hung like a noose,

Entangled like your rivers,
Surnamed Benue and Niger.
I now traverse Mambilla and Jos,
Remembering your City of Unity,
The joy of your Garden City,
Images of Ikot-Ekpene intensify,
Culminating in the joy of Eko.
Oh, how can I contemplate enough, my love!
From the sunshine field, I conjure the flower of Aba,
Cherishing the sweetness of Canaan City,
Halting in the thickness of Ijebu Land,
Now I sit afar,
Contemplating my love.
Oh! Love, I shall return,
When I come, remember,
I intend to wipe your tears, clear!
Stop those aching tears of sadness.
when I return,
I will try to remove,
Yes, remove all orgies of sadness,
Clogging our wheel to greatness.
Thus I contemplate my sweet love-


(C) Planet Leadership  Resources, 2018